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The zombie plans comic

2011-04-18 18:52:51 by TomNova

Hey all welcome to the newgrounds based section of my latest creation, the zombie plans. I'll let you all know when my latest creations go up on the main site.

What's your Zombie Plan? Seriously, cause I'd like to draw it into my comic as a side story. Are you going to stay on your roof for a month, are you going to grab an axe and see if you can make it to the docks? Are you in a hummer pancaking convertibles as you try to get to the open stretch of road? Tell me and I'll put it in!

4/7- page 13 is on the site. 53

Halo folliez

2010-07-03 11:43:51 by TomNova

Eh. It's basically animations of the banners above. I want to do it... but the animation post before this was as far as I got the last time. I made a list of all the things that went wrong.

1. Made a giant script, decided that I would make a comic out of it, but then changed to animation because I was felling cocky.
2. Got only neigboorhood friends to do lines: no girl part was secured because the few girls I knew really didn't get into that kind of stuff. Also really hard to get recording sessions together. Ended up doing my lines after the guys left, because we just goofed off most of the time.
3. Started doing animation from paste designs of comic book characters. Became frustrated at the design aspect and rushed animation. Qualtiy suffered.
4. Craptastic computer. Didn't recognize craptastic tablet half the time.
5. Don't have flash.
1. Script chucked, redoing it with a much easier design, no real storyline plot to be rushed towards.
2. Probably find some people here to do VA work.
3. (above) new designed characters built for animation/ poses/fight scences. Even designed "bobbing heads"if I have to.
4. Better Software, Better hardware. Seems to have worked.
5. Don't need it: Can have someone else encode animations and send it back/ Take a few bucks out of college fund for Buying.

Halo folliez

Looking for your help

2010-04-08 01:32:16 by TomNova

I've made my own video(s), but I like working with others to complete animations, movies, designs, whatever. I'm an excellent writer/ story arch creator, a supposed sucessful animator, and a great voice over artist. I really love watching other people do this kind of thing, and I'd like to do it professionally for myself. This is where you come in. I will diligently work for you, for free if it has to be. I can provide more references if need be. Contact me at the website link above, or
(a Nova_Starr 2008 design. I have more, but cannot get them to upload)

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2008-03-12 13:41:14 by TomNova

hey anybody
new member to the site
also anyone know how to get a banner posted?
i made one in illustrator